Information on our affiliate relationships

We are a content producer and industry consultant for the firearms industry.

Top Tier content is expensive to produce. Furthermore, there are millions of visitors online looking for content in the firearms industry, whether it be to help with a decision on which gun to buy, what ammunition makes the most sense for defensive shooting scenarios, or how to launch an e-commerce gun business. There are thousands of different types of content that internet viewers are searching for in addition to these popular searches.

Because there are so many different consumers online, we think it makes sense to cater to several of them natively.

Affiliate Linking

We use affiliate links and industry partners to accomplish this goal. For those whoa re looking to buy products online and find value in our content, we offer these types of content pieces.

You don’t need to use the links, though we appreciate it if you do. It actually costs you nothing. You get links (and sometimes coupons) to websites and brands that are proven market leaders, that have millions of customers already. We don’t pitch affiliates that aren’t top 10 market leaders. If we are the website that sends a buying customer to their site, then we get a small commission.

It’s non-invasive, passive, and helpful to those who are ready to buy. We do not feel conflicted about our straightforward affiliate protocols. We only work with incredible partners and we are upfront about our relationships.

Feel free to read and consume all of our content in the way you like to consume it. We hope you’ll continue to find value and we invite your feedback.

We work with the affiliates linked on the right side of this page. You might find their links throughout the website.

Our Own Services

We also sell our own services to the industry, both to consumers and Businesses, though we are technically a Business to Business Specialty consultant. We work with small and medium sized businesses mostly; to consult on SEO, Social Media, Website development and Lead Generation Marketing, Brand Building, Content Creation, Strategic Planning and Business Management Consulting.

For larger brands that have robust in-house teams already, we produce Content and provide Strategic project-based Consulting and Marketing services.

We are a premium provider of gun-industry-specific services and have the reputation and experience to offer something that typical marketing agencies cannot provide. We have decades of experience in marketing in the gun industry. We have written content or collaborated on campaigns for dozens of the top brands in the industry and countless small/regional gun specific companies that are online now.

You can find our offerings here: WORK WITH NETGUNSMITH