How can we help you succeed?


We provide the following services and products in gun industry marketing to help entrepreneurs and brands to level up and get more sales:

  • Brand Strategy, branding and strategic positioning for startups and existing companies in the gun Industry
  • Content production, Content management content syndication and leveraging existing content; Curation
  • Teaching new companies how to navigate the complexities of business, while simultaneously maximizing the power of the gun industry institutions
  • Improving ROI for already existing campaigns
  • Connecting customers with companies in a catalytic, opt-in way that leads to brand evangelists
  • Web footprint development and systems, software and hardware solution development
  • Optimization of all aspects of your gun industry business
  • Compliance program development
  • Lead Generation and market making
  • All E-Commerce needs

We provide strategic vision, actionable frameworks for growth and work towards building lasting legacies with Firearms Industry companies or those who want to be in the Firearms Industry.

If you don’t see anything that fits with what you need, we invite you to contact us and see if we can help you get to the next level in your gun specific business. 

“I need services for an existing gun industry brand.”

We can provide support or lead the charge for your varied needs as an existing gun industry brand. From product launches to press releases, to social media engagement and building brand loyalty through existing channels, we have two decades of experience on the web in the gun industry. 

Leveraging existing brand assets to bring your e-commerce platform to a level of value you never thought was possible. We work by juxtaposing marketing and business best practices onto our long history of experience in the world of the web as entrepreneurs in the gun industry. 

We can help you build lasting relationships with the clients you want, on terms that are beneficial to the bottom line. 

Get a personalized consultation with a gun industry expert today.

“I need gun industry content from an expert.”

You need engagement, brand building and to be positioned in a blue ocean of opportunity, in an industry that is becoming more crowded by the day. 

The Gun industry is full of content producers and is harder than ever to navigate for customers looking to connect with their favorite brands. We help you strategically plan for future value through a generous, but tactical use of content that helps customers find you in the crowded space.

Our content producers can’t guarantee results, as no one can, but the historical performance of the content we have produced (over 3 million words currently indexed) is impressive. We have built millions of dollars in revenue on the back of product descriptions and press releases and relevant product information.

Fill out the form to the right to get a look at our portfolio of content online that outperforms the rest of the market. Let us show you how we can take your website higher in the search engine rankings and build a lasting value exchange between you and your desired clientele.

“How can you help us with strategy  – we are a gun industry business?”

Our current client list and our past projects help us to craft best practices, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We are top tier analysts and very tolerant of risk within our own portfolio, so you don’t have to be in yours. 

We own dozens of web properties that allow us to test high level theories and grab large amounts of key data to help clients in very specific niches within the gun industry to outperform their competitors. 

We are continuously building and improving systems and technology that is not used by the mainstream of producers in this market. Furthermore, we have actionable insights and meta data that can be gleaned from all the diverse projects we work on.

Our sweet spot is lead generation SEO and e-commerce channels, but our strategic vision goes far beyond that; incorporating years of experience and leveraging huge proprietary systems to put you into a position of ROI that is difficult to attain without a partner like us.

“I want to be the next big gun business.”

Being headquartered in California has helped us to become something of a powerhouse in navigating a complex compliance structure and given us insights into how certain products can be built into strong brands with the right marketing.

We are uniquely positioned to help business owners and startup teams to realize their vision in the firearms industry, even if they do not have the traditional business acumen and experience that is necessary to break through in a mature industry.

Whether you are a disrupter with innovative ideas, or an artisan producer of specialty products, we can help you get to where you want to go. We have turn key systems in place to help you grow your business from your first sale to 9 figures and beyond.

We can help you grow online and off, with the tools, expertise and proof of results that a young company needs to ensure they can get a seat at the table.

For everything you don’t have handled, we do. And we have two decades of experience in the gun industry to help with the obvious as well.

Spending money with us is pure ROI for those who are new to the game in the firearms niche.

Whether you want to be an affiliate who markets other company’s products, a blogger who is passionate about a certain aspect of the gun market, or a company that has products and services for end users and just needs to know how to 10x their initial growth, we have the ability to get you there. Level up with Netgunsmith.