About Benjamin Worthen

The Short Story:

Benjamin Worthen is a former Gunsmith of more than 20 years. He now works as a writer in the firearms industry and as a marketing consultant for several industries including the Political and Firearms arenas. He has worked in consulting capacities and as a contract vendor for the military and law enforcement agencies and as a firearms designer and engineer for proof of concept pieces and custom firearms. He is a vocal supporter of Second Amendment rights.

More Information

I started at 12 years old officially in my grandfather’s business DEER VALLEY GUNSMITHS, and my career in the gun industry has led me here, where, while it hasn’t been 100% of my work for the last 26 years, it has been a major influence on everything I have done in those years.

As a young apprentice, I sat at the knee of my grandfather until his death in the early 2000’s when I realized that I needed to do something different than take over a local gunsmithing operation in the small town I grew up in. I dabbled in consulting, written content and other gun industry specific work, which kept me in the loop, while I focused on another career option which led me into high-net-worth consulting for Insurance and Estate planning, where I became a trusted advisor to HNW’s with a variety of businesses.

On the heels of launching a side hustle called Netgunsmith, which ultimately became quite successful at it’s initial launch, I determined it made more sense for me to travel, work as a freelancer and start a website portfolio which led to about a decade of success on the internet in the affiliate and content marketing arenas, which of course led to very good niche consulting contracts with a variety of different companies.

Netgunsmith.com in its original format was too amateurish and didn’t provide enough value to the readership while being maintained as a side-hustle. So, I pulled the website and sat on the domain. There were still awesome backlinks on the world wide web when I relaunched the site some 8 years after taking it down.

Netgunsmith now is a totally different iteration of what it once was, and is focused on politics, product reviews and industry consulting. No longer is it just an outlet for random blog posts and difficult to create gunsmith specific articles.

The past 26 years have seen me in positions of trusted advisor to some very successful businesses, including several in the gun industry. I have also held tenures in the high-ticket-price consumer goods including furniture and lifestyle brands as a consultant, analyst or marketing manager for companies generally producing revenues of $12million USD to $100million USD annually.

Having built businesses on the marketing and sales side of things, including in the gun industry, the sector closest to my heart, it has finally become time for me to focus on my strengths as a consultant and help others build businesses that they can retire on.  

My success in helping to take more than 10 companies to 5x or more in revenue in an average timespan of 12-24 months has given me a unique insight to how business works; the tools available to shrewd business owners and all of this juxtaposed upon my decades of experience in the gun world, first as a kid in a gun family, and later as the head of a successful family gun business.

What I can offer to the gun industry is more than most consultants on the digital marketing, SEO and brand building side. I understand the nuances and the politics of the industry as well as the PR concerns that come with a controversial sector. I understand the business principles and have a demonstrable record of success with companies that vary widely enough to give me a broad base of experience that few marketing professionals and business consultants can claim.

I do this ultimately for the passion of it, but I think there is a good fit with many of the peers I have in the industry and I look forward to producing content that delivers on promises and potentially working with Executives and business owners to improve margins, increase bottom line revenue and build a bigger footprint for their gun-industry business.

Career Highlights

  • Sold out a gun business retailer/ecommerce store of 3500 guns in 48 hours on the heels of 2 viral campaigns on Twitter and Facebook
  • Built a highly converting gun industry Facebook following of 65,000 on a budget of $8k USD
  • Worked with several high-dollar-product launches in the consumer discretionary goods sector to launch success brands or products
  • Worked with several fortune 500 companies on National or International campaigns
  • Built a local SMB into a $26Million USD business from $8Million in revenue annually in a period of 24 months in an extremely competitive market (Furniture)
  • Launched over 250 websites within my own brand portfolio
  • Developed and launched/managed over 750 websites for clients
  • Written over 9 million words of sales or e-commerce product copy for clients since 2010 that currently exists online
  • Written content or designed content marketing strategies for more than 30 gun-industry companies that are still in business and going strong
  • Advised Millionaires and Billionaires on a variety of marketing and branding projects
  • Been public facing for more than 10 years online as a gun industry expert
  • Attended trade shows in dozens of industries as a key lead-generation specialist which has materialized into $100’s of millions of dollars USD in pre-sales
  • Held press credentials in several industries
  • Provided SEO consulting to 10+ companies with more than $20Million USD in e-commerce revenue, leading to verifiable increases in revenue as a result
  • Run ad budgets of more than $100k/month for more than 5 different companies simultaneously with an average ROI of $7 dollars for every $1 dollar of spend and a peak of $16 dollars returned for every $1 dollar spent