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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014

svd_gallery_image is Returning.

Try not to be too alarmed by the RSS feed as it starts to come flooding (again) into your inbox. We know it’s been a long time since you got daily RSS information from us.
So here’s the whole story:
First, I want to invite you to stay with us. We value our friends and followers we have built over the past 4-5 years there are tens of thousands of them and you are each important to us.
We realize that you will probably be getting a lot of notices if you are on our RSS feed or automatic email list. Please bear with us as we bring all of our content online again. Consider this the exclusive invite to preview stuff before the mainstream audience receives it.
Why is this happening?
We went offline to avoid some conflicts of interest while our staff acted as consultants over the past couple of years in our industry. We also had some serious upgrades that were needed on the OLD website.
Here’s what you can expect:
Easier navigation
Faster Loading
Minimal add-ons and page components
Less Ads
Better Content
More specific categorization and architecture
More resources on the site
More targeted content
Better responsiveness for Mobile/tablet viewers
We previously had a lot of content, spread over hundreds of categories and thousands of pages/URL’s. It made for a difficult to navigate website.
We also were trending towards more overtly political topics towards the end there, which got away from the true intention and fanbase of the site. We will still cover politics, but it will be much more gun-centric now.
We’ve gone minimalist now too. This means you get MUCH faster load times, and less BS. You know: when you go onto a website and you get 75% ads and 15% content, and 10% fluff. We won’t be one of those sites.
None of the frivolous add-ons and weird animated components the blogosphere is fraught with, just content.
Sure there will be some advertising; after all, we have to keep the doors open. But our advertising won’t be nearly as invasive as before, and about half as intrusive as all of the other gun websites. Of course we appreciate you using our affiliate links; or buying the products we sell, if it makes sense for you. It helps us to pay the bills.
Content has never really been our problem. We always did produce a lot fewer fluff pieces than our contemporaries.
But now, content will be ONLY written for you, not to rank in search engines, and not to get freebies from manufacturers. We feel like we have always had that integrity, and we’ve never been told by any of our readers that we operated that way, but we want to ensure you that’s our goal going forward again.
We also redesigned the site for mobile users. We’ve committed to building a site made for content, not looks. That doesn’t mean it will be ugly, but it won’t have any unnecessary stuff on it.
It’s minimal, clean and easy to navigate, but it will take a couple months to fully repopulate the site and get it working perfectly. So please bear with us, it will be well worth the wait, I personally promise you.
We will still have all our regular content, plus much more turnover on the key pages, so you can count on top quality content more often. We’ve been working on bigger projects too. So you can expect some great downloadable content and special guides and books too.
Here’s the thing:
If you’re seeing this prior to December 2014, you were part of our RSS feeds when we took the content offline (we have no intention on sending out new url’s to the website on our social media profiles until December), and therefore you are part of a great group of dedicated fans. You get to read our content before we get indexed or Re-indexed by Google and before other fans and followers see it.
Because you are part of this group, we invite you to help shape the site as we move forward.
If you have interest, please contact us at and put “BETA FAN PROJECT” in the subject line. We will get in touch as soon as we can.
We’re happy to reward your time with quality backlinks to key pages of our site, or through other means; we’ll be setting up some giveaways going forward; more often than before. We will keep you posted on our entire process, and please try to bear with us as you see tons of content coming through your RSS reader about our site. It’s all great content, please take a chance to read it and comment or let us know how you feel.
We appreciate your continued loyalty as we worked through some of these projects to ultimately bring you, our valued readers, a better NETGUNSMITH.COM website.


Benjamin Worthen

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